RunQueueA - Automated QA Checklist

Fast, consistent batch analysis

Select from options to create an unlimited number of reusable analysis protocols, checklists and reporting scripts.

Automated registration – RIT113 V5.2 and later releases feature fully automated registratation control point positioning in both traditional and RunQueueA IMRT analysis.

NEW Automated matching of images – RunQueueA now features automated matching and sorting of reference and target images along with thumbnails of all images simultaneously.

IMPROVED initial positioning of acquired image points when using template registration.
Extended options for output storage location in RunQueueA scripts to either the reference or target image file path.

NEW ROI option: ‘trim’ in RunQueueA allows the user to specify a trim dimension from each edge of the images.

If you are a registered RIT user, click to login and download the RunQueueA User Guide. If you have misplaced your login information, click to email tech support.

Select your image types, locations and calibrations runqueuea Create composite
images (optional)
Pre-set all your IMRT
analysis parameters
Automatically print
and/or save images
and case files
for later recall

Select the script
runqueuea Preview Images (optional)
Select the image sets runqueuea
Run the script
runqueuea View the Plan-Based
Cal File for each case
Reload the entire
case for further
View the saved
image of the
analysis or individual plots