User Interface and Reports

Customized Reporting Features

  • Save and restore all IMRT Analysis layouts. This function allows you to recall previous analyses to change tolerances, fine tuning, etc. without recalibrations, reregistration, ROI or normalization
  • Set up reports in your preferred format for each individual routine that will be remembered and run in that format until it is changed.
  • Changing a parameter or tolerance will automatically update all of your plots.
    Report options can be changed for each analysis pane to display annotations for various calculations.
  • Save and send your customized reports in multiple formats, including pdf and jpg to your record and verify system to be included in the patient electronic chart.

Viewing Features

  • View up to 6 analyses simultaneously in our Analysis Panes.
  • Change colors, lines, fonts in screen display preferences.
  • On the fly right click on any plot to change appearance of colors, lines, fonts.
  • Add Annotations.
  • Isoline Editor.
  • Significantly faster updates on all displays.